Project Management

cohousing45Developing a new neighborhood is like conducting an orchestra. Thousands of details need to be attended to correctly and in proper sequence. The success of any major residential project hinges on the quality of the project management.

As we manage the barrage of day-to-day details, our role is to regularly bring the big decisions to our client cohousers – whether a particular committee or the entire group – for consideration.

Aspects of project management include:

  • Conducting site and project feasibility analysis
  • Hiring and managing consultants, ranging from civil engineers to architects and attorneys
  • Facilitating the planning approval process, including political advocacy
  • Negotiating investment instruments and loan financing packages
  • Identifying group process needs and resources
  • Bringing in marketing expertise for member recruitment, as needed
  • Selecting, hiring and managing the general contractor during construction phase
  • Providing ongoing accounting and financial reporting
  • Serving individual members of the group throughout, including the investment phase, during options and upgrade decisions, sales closings and move in

In land development, time is money.

Staying on schedule keeps costs under control and ultimately affects members’ ability to afford their homes. From the outset, we define the “critical path,” the essential tasks and deadlines for success, based on experience of previous projects and the priorities of our clients.

Unlike traditional construction management, however, our approach integrates both the hard and the soft side of community development. At completion, we have more than a beautiful neighborhood, but an effectively functioning community.