Participatory Design

cohousing33Cohousers are thoughtful, inquisitive people. This is what makes the process fun for us and enables our design process to excel. We bring together a group of passionate individuals with seasoned architects, who are experienced in group process. McCamant & Durrett Architects serves as our lead design firm.

Three components: site plan, common facilities, and individual homes

Our architects clarify a group’s pre-design vision and “program” before drafting anything. The program spells out the criteria, functions and characteristics for each component of the neighborhood. Typically, we organize the process into three components, each of which is addressed in a separate weekend workshop: the site plan, common facilities, and individual homes.

A custom neighborhood at a competitive price

We have developed a system for building a custom neighborhood at a competitive price. We encourage our groups to adopt several standard home models, in order to enjoy the economies of production home building. While we offer some options and upgrades, we’ve found that quality finishes and “green” features are typically more affordable when standardized and built into an entire neighborhood at once.

Our groups describe the design process as opening up a new world – learning how homes, public spaces and landscape interact to affect human behavior. They tell us that designing their own neighborhood was eye opening and fulfilling, and that afterwards they never look at the built environment in the same way again.