Financial Systems

cohousing47Partnership means sharing control, sharing risks, and sharing rewards. Our financial structure allows future cohousers to invest in their future neighborhood and to participate in the financial returns from the project. Financial partnership with a cohousing group translates into direct input over the major decisions affecting the development of their community.

Land development

In land development, the ability to accomplish what you want depends on effective financial management. CoHousing Partners manages multiple, complex development projects through a transparent budgeting and reporting process and investment structure.

We rely on the Wonderland Hill’s accounting infrastructure, with staff whose primary focus is to serve cohousers. We provide regular, detailed reports to a cohousing group’s Finance Committee and we take the time to answer questions, whether it is to clarify the terms of a promissory note, describe the impact of a proposed design feature, or any other question a cohouser may have for us. Our track record of successful projects and financing guarantees enable us to secure favorable financing terms, saving our groups money and headache.

Reducing risk

In land development, much of one’s success lies in the ability to reduce risk. We have developed systems that anticipate and confront obstacles as early as possible, enabling our groups to make pro-active financial decisions. With a team of seasoned professionals, we are able to realistically anticipate project costs, and to complete projects on time and within budget.