Community Building

cohousing34Although we are proud of the design awards that our projects have received, we believe that our most valuable contribution has been in fostering communities with strong social bonds.

Identifying best practices

Community building is both an art and a science. Over the years we have identified best practices that address both the spirit and the practical needs of our groups.

Our trainers have developed curriculum focusing on group vision and values, consensus decision making, meeting facilitation, communication styles, conflict resolution, and other more specialized topics. Because the most valuable community building often happens in the midst of the group doing its work, we integrate our training with regular business, and provide ongoing consultation to committee leaders.

Identifying patterns in the life cycle of cohousing groups

We have identified clear patterns in the life cycle of cohousing groups, from visioning and planning through the pains of growth and eventually the deepening that happens when groups confront their obstacles together. Our project managers and trainers act as guides, helping groups to recognize where they are on the path to becoming a full-fledged community.

We have developed systems for marketing and member recruitment, but fundamentally, we have found that a cohousing community’s success in attracting newcomers lies in the quality of the bonds within the group. We believe that our success in community building is what accounts for the demand for our communities, as measured by early sales and regular waiting lists.