cohousing30If you are interested in starting your own cohousing community and don’t know where to start, CoHousing Solutions is available to support you from initial group formation to looking for property to moving in. With our broad range of experience in creating cohousing communities, we can adapt our services to fit your community’s needs.

We facilitate the acquisition of cohousing sites through the negotiation and purchasing process, assisting forming groups in assessing the feasibility of potential sites, and securing sites within master planned neighborhoods.

From the onset, we manage the barrage of day-to-day details, bringing the bigger decisions to our client cohousers. We provide ongoing consultation to committee leaders through best practices that address the needs of the groups. Our project managers and trainers work with groups to become a full-fledged community. We are able to realistically anticipate project costs and to complete projects on time and budget enabling the group to make pro-active financial decisions.

Based on our experience of previous projects and the priorities of our clients, we will be able to define the “critical path” and the essential tasks and deadlines for success that you will need. Click on the following categories for more details on how we can help you create your dream community.

To discuss how we can assist you, please call 530-478-1970 or email us.