Marketing Services Offered to Cohousing Groups

Looking to build your cohousing group’s marketing presence and credibility?
To establish consistent branding that showcases your vision and values?
To prioritize your highest and best use for the marketing dollars in your budget?

CoHousing Solutions’ offers marketing support services to forming communities who’ve engaged with our firm for development consulting services. We can advise on what works, how to prioritize your time and budget, and help you get it done.

Services Include:

  • Website Building: The first online face established for most groups, you can’t hope to conduct successful outreach without an eye-catching website. The difference between a successful, user-friendly cohousing website and one that falls short of the mark is attention to detail: an established basis for cohousing’s benefits, people-focused photos, easily digestible info on your vision, and a clear path for how to get in touch to learn more. Feel free to check out these websites designed by CoHousing Solutions:
  • Marketing Materials: When you meet potential cohousing members, or someone who wants to learn more about you, it’s nice to hand them a business card or events flyer. Having a clean design and call to action in these materials puts a welcoming face on your outreach. Our office has access to design programs and templates, and a clear sense of graphically-pleasing layouts.
  • Social Media Profile Creation: The most popular of these for cohousing groups are Facebook and Meetup. Both offer additional opportunities for potential buyers, current cohousers and news organizations to interact with you and learn more about your project. Not to mention, creating a local online presence builds the market in your region. Other media profile options include Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. We can help you decide how best to use social media, and “do it for you” as needed.
  • Investigating Group-specific/Local outreach: Tapping into your local buyer’s market is crucial. Examples of possible outreach include investigating local parenting or aging magazines, connecting with local organizations with a related mission for cross-promotion on events or other opportunities, and looking into local radio or news promotion potential.
  • Newsletters: Typically, groups send out monthly or bi-monthly emails as they’re building their database, to keep front of mind and provide info on news and upcoming events. Having an email coordinator who understands your group’s vision, has established a clear line of communication with members, and has the creative wherewithal to drum up a diversity of new materials to include monthly is a real boon to busy groups.
  • S. Cohousing Association Advertising: Coho/US offers a wealth of resources to forming groups promoting their project to a national cohousing audience. Opportunities range from creating a Directory Listing to a Classifieds Ad to monthly eNews recognition. Coho/US’s database houses nearly 10,000 contacts, and stands as the most authoritative cohousing web resource in the U.S., so the reach offered is enormous.

Client references and samples of work are available upon request. Call us to discuss how CoHousing Solutions can support to your community’s marketing needs.

Bethany Celio, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator
Office Phone: 530-478-1970

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