Kids Slideshow

What’s it like being a kid in cohousing?

What are the biggest benefits to raising children in cohousing communities?

Recent news articles have certainly pointed out some great benefits. Everything from play dates without driving, to eyes on the sidewalks where kids from multiple families can play, to promoting active lifestyles at a young age.

Articles to Reference for Cohousing’s Kid-Friendly Benefits
Is a Cohousing Community For You?
Sacramento Parent Magazine
Stone Curves Turns 10 with Strong Sense of Community Arizona Daily Star
Raising Kids in Cohousing Communities Mother Earth Living
Mi Casa Es Su Casa Metro Parent PDX
Children Should be Free to Play, Not Prisoners in Their Homes The Guardian
How to Build a City for Children Sustainable Cities Collective
Children in Cohousing: Langley, BC My Cohousing Life
Extending the Family Chronogram
Stressed, Tired, Rushed: A Portrait of the Modern Family New York Times

We could give you a longer list of benefits, but you know how the saying goes…take a look at some very happy kids in the slideshow below.

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