Ask a Cohousing Resident Interviews

We’re excited to share this new facet of our business’s educational features with you. Click below or view our Q&A style video series on our Youtube Channel. These candid interviews with the experts on living, growing and aging in cohousing could provide a way to explain cohousing to family, friends or those interested in joining your community. Interviewees are residents at Wolf Creek Lodge in Grass Valley, CA.



Excellent CoHousing Videos

1) Ravens’ Roost Cohousing: the first intergenerational community in Anchorage, AK.
2) A Unique Perspective: produced by kids living in cohousing currently.
3) Cohousing’s Good For You: a resident of Santa Fe Cohousing shares her experience.
4) Cohousing Explained: a young resident at Belterra Cohousing shares what cohousing is.
5) Dwell Design Leader series features Katie of CoHousing Solutions.
6) La Querencia Cohousing: snapshot of cohousing in Fresno, CA, featuring Katie of CS.