Fresno Cohousing

“Our group initially considered self-development. But, when faced with the reality of just how complex an undertaking a cohousing project is, and how limited we were in terms of experience with this sort of thing, we turned to some professionals who had that experience. Kathryn McCamant has successfully developed well over 20 cohousing projects, and has been doing so for over 20 years. She and her partners bring the architectural, project management, and group development skills that we, and most likely every other fledgling cohousing group, need.”

– George Burman, Resident Fresno Cohousing

Cotati Cohousing

“The combination of Wonderland Hill and McCamant & Durrett’s development division, embodied in CoHousing Partners, is powerful — both in resources and experience. Once they joined forces on our project it was no longer a matter of “if” cohousing would happen for us, but simply “when”.”

– Dave Ergo, Cotati Cohousing