PDX Commons Development Partner Testimonial

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“Katie McCamant’s guidance and engagement in the development of PDX Commons has been vital to the success of our project.  As a developer, I appreciate Katie’s deep knowledge of the development process, and her broad understanding of the developer, banker, contractor, and architect perspective.

With her support, we have been able to move our project forward, on-time and on-budget, while maintaining a positive, healthy relationship with our co-housing clients. Bringing Katie, the preeminent co-housing development expert in the United States, on board for our project was one of the best decisions our team made.”


Eric Cres   s | urban development partners
PDX Commons Development Partner

Wolf Creek Lodge Testimonial

FILE0012“I have known Katie McCamant since the fall of 2007 when I become a member of the Wolf Creek Lodge cohousing group. During the years I have known her, Katie has shown an ability to stay cool and focused under pressure and to work with humor, honesty and integrity.

Katie’s demonstrated an ability to work across many disciplines – from negotiating legal documents to developing marketing strategy.

Katie led every aspect of the Wolf Creek Lodge project, including developing the initial vision of what it could become and the recruiting of buyers and investors. She led the political entitlement process, including working with the neighborhood, coordinating and managing all of the consultants, working with the attorneys on all legal documents including initial land purchase agreements, formation of the initial limited liability companies, and the homeowner association documents. She negotiated construction contracts and acted as Owner’s Representative during construction, sales and marketing, through the warranty period.

Katie’s a person who can get the work done against all odds.”

– Pat Elliott, Wolf Creek Lodge Senior Cohousing Member


OakCreek Community – Stillwater Cohousing


“Buildings 1 and 2 are framed so I spent time this afternoon looking at the views from each, getting a feel for the rooms, etc. It is absolutely mind boggling how we got to this point. And I remind myself we would be NO place without you. We always talk to groups about the “hard to put a dollar figure” on the benefits of having you as development consultant. We give our very genuine, heartfelt endorsement. I can’t thank you enough for you vision, hard work, and wealth of knowledge, Katie.”

oakcreekPat Darlington
Oakcreek Senior Cohousing
Stillwater, OK

Heartwood Cohousing Feedback

We recently received feedback from a member of Heartwood Cohousing in Southwest Colorado. A 24 home project completed in 2000, this community was developed by Wonderland Hill & designed by McCamant and Durrett Architects. Here’s some feedback from a family living there:

“Here on the Heartwood home front, our oldest just went off to college so it’s the dawning of a new age for our family. I’ve got to tell you that never have I been so struck by what a huge positive impact cohousing has had on our family than at my daughter’s graduation party in he common house, when I reflected on how much the community has shaped her into the amazing young woman she has become. For that, I thank Chuck and Katie. You planted the seed. My daughter is one of the peaches :)”


Getting It Built Workshop

Getting it Built workshop with Katie McCamant & Chuck Durrett – Nelson, BC October 28, 2011

“Thank you cohousing Gurus – You have given me the information and confidence I need to see this through.”

— Matt

“Thank you so much for your help to clarify and structure our group. You’ve provided reassurance and direction for us. Here’s to a succcessful community.”

— Sarah

“This has been an amazing weekend – a huge leap forward for our cohousing. I am very grateful to you!”

— Candace

“Thank you so much for your inspiration and structure that will help us immensely!”

— Kim