Quimper Village Testimonial

“I just want to give you my personal thanks for all the advice and help you have given us.

I learned at the Aging Better Together Cohousing Conference that Quimper Village is unusual for the speed that we are moving at. You are a HUGE part of that. I’ve been in many meetings where somebody says, “Well, what would Katie do?” when looking for the right solution.

Thank you for making this your life’s work and for being so darn good at it.

quimper villageCheron Dudley
Future Quimper Village Resident
Port Townsend, WA

Renaissance Village Homes Testimonial

“Yesterday, (2/25/16) Katie and I met with a major developer in our town. I was nervous about the meeting a few days ahead, but realized after she and I had our planning meeting that everything would work out fine. I was more than pleased!

My training is in city planning and so I’m fairly knowledgeable about development and planning regulations etc. However Katie’s knowledge and experience with the development process is unsurpassed. She was able to answer all sorts of questions about what makes cohousing work from the developers perspective. As I said to her at the end of the meeting, “You really earned your money today, Katie!”  

Even more exciting, I think we’ve interested this developer in working with us, in which case, we will move into the next stage of our cohousing development process. Thank you Katie!”

Renaissance VillageAnne Geraghty
Future Renaissance Village Homes Resident
Sacramento, CA

Quimper Village Testimonial

“When Katie sat across the table from potential contractors, she knew the right questions to ask. Of course, we could have asked the same questions, but we would not have had the credibility that Katie had. She’s been a developer; she’s done the GC job; she spoke their language and understood their business in a way that none of us did…and they knew it. In two days of interviewing potential contractors, Katie negotiated the deal we needed with the contractor we wanted, bringing our cost/schedule down by some $360,000 (nearly $13,000 per unit) and 6 months. Without doubt, we could not have accomplished that ourselves.”

quimper villagePat Resende
Future Quimper Village Resident
Port Townsend, WA

QV Future Home

Quimper Village Members near their community sign on their land

PDX Commons Testimonial

“Founding members of PDX Commons had read all of the cohousing books, poured over cohousing list-serves and visited existing Portland cohousing projects. We are all smart professionals, including two members with extensive real estate development experience. We don’t need to hire a cohousing consultant; we can figure this out ourselves, right? Wrong! Wrong! And Wrong!

We began working with Katie McCamant in 2013. After two years, we still count on her expertise to keep us out of trouble. Her breadth and depth of cohousing and development experience offered us a unique skill set that has served us well time and time again.

Katie skillfully facilitated our three interactive design workshops with our architects and developers. Her experience knowing what worked and didn’t for other communities helped us make wise choices about our own common areas and individual units.

Katie has learned the cohousing business thoroughly and lived through the deep recession of the late 2000’s. She clearly and steadfastly argues that we need to be aware of our budget and only invest in things that really add value to our project. Her advice is steeped in a rich tea of experience.

Turns out that the investment in Katie has helped our project save time and money in so many ways – giving us templates to start our legal documents, outlining the overall deal structure and helping to negotiate contracts with our consultants.

In addition to all above accolades, Katie is just so fun to work with. She’s always responsive to our questions in a timely manner, good natured, full of anecdotes and flexible. She’s made our why do we need a consultant? naysayers into true supporters of our decision.”

PDX logo

Susan Fries & Lew Bowers
Future PDX Commons Residents
Portland, OR


PDX Commons Members celebrate their groundbreaking on 1/31/16

Ravens’ Roost Testimonial

Ravens’ Roost CohousiRaven's outsideng in Anchorage received very exciting news last week. They were given a commitment for a nearly $9 Million construction loan from a local bank! The group worked long and hard, given support from Katie at CoHousing Solutions, with residents putting their money and time behind their belief in a walkable neighborhood where they can know all of their neighbors. These cohousers-to-be have much to celebrate.

“Thank you so much for all of the work you did on our behalf, with both Peterson Group [Ravens’ Roost development partner] and the banks. Katie, your experience, knowledge, and charm in persuading them [First National Bank Alaska] to take the leap of faith with us was absolutely critical in our accomplishing both of these partnerships. We are so grateful!”

logotransparentwideTerri Pauls
Future Ravens’ Roost Cohousing Resident
Anchorage, AK


Ravens’ Roost Members at their April 2015 groundbreaking celebration