500 Communities Syllabus


500 CP Logo w_tagline smallOur Program trainees are given extensive time and accompanying materials to delve into these focused topics with Founder Katie McCamant, whose 30+ years of experience in the field award the class a wealth of knowledge.

Twice monthly class webinars, one-on-one calls with Katie and guided materials, videos and templates hosted on our Program Educational Platform form the basis for the 500 Communities learning process.


SEPTEMBER: Overview of the development process: How you get paid, understanding where the money is in the budget, what tasks can be hired out elsewhere, and defining your role to take advantage of your strengths.

OCTOBER: Building your market: marketing and outreach.

NOVEMBER: Site search, project feasibility, and negotiating property purchase agreements.

DECEMBER: How to approach local developers: Why would they be interested, and how do you pitch it?

JANUARY: Group formation: How do you actually form a cohesive group and move them into an organized structure?

FEBRUARY: Setting up a project budget.

MARCH: Understanding the cash flow to get a project off the ground.

APRIL: Investment structures.

MAY: Marketing & Membership: Training your community to market and integrate new members.

JUNE: Working through political approvals and training your community to lobby for the project.

JULY: Mortgages, Fannie Mae, FHA, Appraisals and HOA’s: What you need to know about getting mortgages for your buyers.

AUGUST: Construction management, options and upgrade systems, and keeping a construction project on budget.

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