2015 Program Trainees

Bio PicTY ALBRIGHT: Carrollton, TX
Connecting All Texans Who Seek Cohousing 

Ty is the Southcentral Region Board Member for the U.S. Cohousing Association. Recently retired from his corporate real estate job and now versed in the nuances of cohousing development through the 500 Communities Program, he’s ready to put these skills to work and bring cohousing to Texas. {click here to read more}

Developing Cohousing Through Community Land Trusts

Darryl has practiced the art of natural building for over 20 years. Through his work as a builder, design consultant, community member and educator, Darryl is able to merge his passions for fine craft, ecological stewardship, relationship to place and social justice, all while getting in the mud and building homes. {click here to read more}

Building Momentum for Cohousing in Marin

John is the burning soul behind North Bay Cohousing. His background is in Architecture and Construction Management, but his career evolved into project management, and working with teams. John’s first project is Novato Cohousing Now, located in Marin County, CA.  {click here to read more}

Launching Urban Cohousing to Soften City Life

500 Communities comes at a perfect time as Amy prepares to launch the first cohousing in Illinois. She hopes to facilitate the development of both intergenerational and senior communities. Chicago is a city of apartments, and she hope to turn some of the smaller buildings into cohousing. {click here to read more}

Joel PicJOEL ROTHSCHILD: Lancaster, PA
Creating the Solidarity Economy as a Sustainable Human Habitat

Joel is the burning soul behind Ecovillagers Cooperative, a developer, membership network, and professional services provider for ecovillages based on retrofit cohousing design, mixed use, and shared-equity co-ownership. If you’re considering a co-op structure or Ecovillage on the East Coast, get in touch with Joel to explore partnership possibilities. {click here to read more}

DAN SCHREINER: Delray Beach, FL & Provincetown, MA
LGBT Senior Cohousing Communities with Residential Care

Dan is the founder and Managing Director of eQuality Health Services, focused on providing guidance and assistance to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community in finding supportive retirement, assisted living, CCRC, and nursing home options; in addition to building LGBT focused senior housing communities. {click here to read more}

Creating Modern Villages Through Jewish Cohousing

Urban Moshav is a non-profit development partner for Jewish cohousing whose services include guided visioning, site search, group formation, project management and more. Now forming Berkeley Moshav {click here to read more}


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