Now What?


I had drafted a piece for this month’s newsletter titled “abundance,” describing my community’s Harvest Festival and my gratitude for all I have here, in Nevada City Cohousing. But after the election, that no longer felt appropriate. I am, quite frankly, shocked and dismayed that a man that shows so little respect for people has just been elected to the most powerful position in the country. Apparently there are a lot of Americans that see the world very differently than I do.

I have spent my entire adult life trying to create communities that honor that everyone has something to contribute, that reduce our impact on the world’s resources, where we strive to treat each other with respect even when we disagree. This election appears to repudiate all that I have worked for and believe in.

The morning after the election, I read an email posted on Coho-L from Ann Zabaldo of Takoma Village in Washington, DC:

Last night, at 1:45 a.m., my neighbor Carrie and I packed up the projector and the computer (in the common house) and headed home…You might consider the emotions I might be feeling at that juncture…would be sadness, anger, confusion, bemusement, bewilderment, anxiety, depression, etc. Instead, I felt profoundly lonely. 

…when I woke up this morning at 5:30 a.m., I was profoundly grateful. I live in cohousing. Now, it’s not just that I have all my neighbors so I won’t be lonely. It’s something bigger than that. A lot bigger.
Cohousing allows me to tackle the issues I want to tackle. I’m not waiting around for “The Government” to deal with issues around aging. Or the challenges single parents face (and two parent households, too!). Or, environmental and energy challenges. Or, latch key kids. Or any of many dozens of other social challenges facing society today. I have a blueprint for how to tackle these issues: Cohousing Communities. I don’t have to wait around for a government program. I can just keep building more communities.
So on this morning after the night before, I am moved to say how grateful I am to Katie McCamant and Chuck Durrett for giving me this blueprint. From the day I read the first paragraph in the first edition of “Cohousing” I have never wavered in my belief and commitment that community has the power to change the world – one cohousing community at a time.That’s a gift, Katie and Chuck. Thank you.

WOW! Thank you Ann! That certainly made my day.

And I agree, we must keep creating healthy communities that teach people to work together, only better and broader. We must make sure our communities are not isolated islands, but rather beacons of hope of how people can work together respectfully, spreading love and hope rather than anger and fear. May our communities sustain us so that we can be even stronger advocates for a more just society for everyone. We must not let this election discourage our efforts. The one thing we can count on now is there will be no financial assistance from the federal government for the foreseeable future to create more affordable housing, protect our environment, or slow climate change.

It is up to us to keep moving those efforts forward as best we can. And I still believe, we can do that best in community.

Always Stronger Together!

– Katie McCamant, CoHousing Solutions