Abundance and Living the Good Life


By Katie of CoHousing Solutions | Nevada City Cohousing resident

As the days grow cooler and we clean out our summer gardens, my community here in the Sierra Foothills soaks in the abundance we reap. We’ve harvested apples and pears from our 10-year-old fruit trees. We’re still getting greens out of the garden, but the tomatoes are done for the year.

This weekend we celebrated with our annual Harvest Festival. We began with a workday, deep cleaning the common house and sprucing up the outdoors. In the afternoon, we had crafts on the terrace where I specialize in wreaths made from the grapevines on my porch, decorated with leaves and herbs from the garden. Making or updating your grapevine wreath has become part of the Harvest Festival Tradition. But alas, no one can concentrate on making wreaths until they’ve attempted the ever-popular donut-on-a-string contest.

After crafts, we gather for the highly competitive Chili Cook-off, along with competitions for cornbread, side dishes and dessert. Much tasting, trying again, and just one more try to make sure… Of course, the vegetarian and less spicy versions have an advantage, as everyone can taste those. Once the winners are announced, we quickly clear the floor for the dance. This is the one time a year we hire a band and a caller to lead us in “old-timey” contra dancing. I love to watch my neighbors of all ages dancing and playing together.

But it shouldn’t be underestimated how satisfying it is to work together with your neighbors to make the place look great. Now that we’ve had this tradition for many years, it’s amazingly easy to put on, everyone chipping in as they’re able. All in all, a fun and satisfying day, celebrating our bountiful harvest in so many ways.

Living in community may not be utopia, but it’s a pretty wonderful place to live…feeling full of abundance.