Urban Moshav: Berkeley, CA

Creating Modern Villages Through Jewish Cohousing

Urban Moshav is a non-profit development partner for Jewish cohousing whose services include guided visioning, site search and feasibility, group formation, project management and much more.

Urban Moshav is currently facilitating the formation of Berkeley Moshav, a 20-25 household Jewish cohousing community in Berkeley, CA. They intend to be diverse in age, income, family structure, and Jewish observance and to have a kosher community kitchen.

Why Jewish Cohousing? 

“Community is the core of both cohousing and Jewish life, and my intention is to marry these two forms of community. Jewish life can be a integral component of the “social glue” created in cohousing communities: Shared rituals, traditions, and celebrations can help residents form even tighter bonds, as people come together not only to have more community but also to nurture an ancestral and life affirming tradition. Conversely, living in cohousing can create a more nurturing cradle for sustaining and passing along Jewish rituals and traditions, for raising children who are connected to these, and for celebrating life together. I want to create such environments, where Jewish tradition enhances the community and the community nurtures Jewish life.”

A Journal of Jewish Ideas: View article here

Contact Info
Website: www.urbanmoshav.org

urban moshav

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