Renaissance Village Homes Testimonial

“Yesterday, (2/25/16) Katie and I met with a major developer in our town. I was nervous about the meeting a few days ahead, but realized after she and I had our planning meeting that everything would work out fine. I was more than pleased!

My training is in city planning and so I’m fairly knowledgeable about development and planning regulations etc. However Katie’s knowledge and experience with the development process is unsurpassed. She was able to answer all sorts of questions about what makes cohousing work from the developers perspective. As I said to her at the end of the meeting, “You really earned your money today, Katie!”  

Even more exciting, I think we’ve interested this developer in working with us, in which case, we will move into the next stage of our cohousing development process. Thank you Katie!”

Renaissance VillageAnne Geraghty
Future Renaissance Village Homes Resident
Sacramento, CA