2016 Program Trainees

LEW BOWERS: Portland, OR
Partnering with Local Developers to Grow Cohousing

Lew is a founding member of PDX Commons, a senior cohousing project currently under construction. With a background in cooperatives and community development, he aims to work part-time to assist in creating more senior communities in the Portland area. Lew will be presenting a session at the 2017 National Cohousing Conference.

Building Family-friendly Cohousing in Georgia

Jas is an entrepreneur and project manager with ten years experience working for positive change and collaborative community. Jas is director/founder of a Waldorf-inspired elementary school. She hopes to make the Atlanta metro area a new hub of cohousing activity. Jas will be co-presenting a session at the 2017 National Cohousing Conference.

DEBORAH HAM: Portland, ORDeborah
Approaching Cohousing Through a Real Estate Lens

Deborah has been a founding member of two cohousing communities in Portland. She’s currently involved with Columbia Ecovillage. She brings a strong background as a realtor, with skills in facilitation, values communication and person cohousing experience to the Program.

Forming Rural Cohousing with Farming in Mind

Nola has run her own law firm for ten years, and has a strong background in Union work and conflict resolution. She’s currently involved in forming cohousing on her spacious property in Waldo, WI. Nola will be co-presenting a session at the 2017 National Cohousing Conference.

Bringing Cohousing to the Twin Cities

John is a licensed architect and runs his own office, specializing in single family homes and sustainable design. He’s also on the board for the Twin Cities Cohousing Network. His goal is to be part of a team that develops cohousing in Minnesota, western Wisconsin and western Montana.

Creating Supportive Senior Cohousing

Shelly has a background in Sales/Marketing for Continuing Care Retirement Communities, which brings her to seek solutions to the isolation that may permeate senior housing. She brings skills in public speaking, group facilitation and industry knowledge to the Program.

MEGAN SHEA: Berkeley, CA
Using Co-op Strategies to Re-imagine Urban Cohousing

Megan is a long-time coop member, with a substantial background in affordable housing through her at Habitat for Humanity. She’s a Senior Program Manager with Net Impact, an organization that builds resources and support for young people to use their careers to create social and environmental impact.

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