Cohousing Info-graphic

Earlier this year, Towergate Insurance (one of the UK’s leading insurance intermediaries) produced a graphic with the laudable title: Is Cohousing the Future of Urban Design? Many of the takeaway stats from the doc are UK-specific, yet at their heart can certainly be applied to U.S. cohousing (and why it’s needed/in demand) too.

The graphic has already been popular among cohousing groups, and widely shared on social media. Take a look!


Take for example, some striking facts related to living alone vs. in community:

  • “In terms of reducing overall health, loneliness is comparable to smoking 15 cigarettes a day!”
  • “Those who live alone are 2-3x less likely to survive a heart attack.”
  • “Living alone increases risk of depression by 80% for working-age people.”

And some good news world-wide on the cohousing front:

  • 8% of Danish households are now cohousing.”
  • Cohousing draw certainly spans the generations, from “the elderly to single people to families to the environmentally conscious.”
  • One which we can vouch for: “The internet and social media have made it easier than ever to connect with like-minded people interested in building cohousing communities.”

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