Stillwater Cohousing 3 Years In

Stillwater collageStillwater cohousing community allows older residents control, support in their lives

At the end of last month, a local Oklahoma newspaper published an investigative article about a community near and dear to our hearts, Oakcreek Cohousing in Stillwater, OK.

Oakcreek Senior Cohousing is the first (and as of this article’s writing, the only) cohousing in Oklahoma. The group first launched in 2009, with eight local households inspired in the search for a better way to retire in Stillwater – a college town of about 50,000. As a senior community, the group ranges in age from early 60’s to late 80’s. CoHousing Solutions (then Partners) was hired in 2010 as development consultant for the project. The community completed construction of their homes and common house on their site in 2012, with all homes sold by the end of 2013.

Looking back, Darlington said the experience has exceeded her expectations in terms of building the community and bringing out the best in its residents.

“I didn’t know how much living in my own house isolated me,” she said. “It’s just fun and it’s so easy to have a casual visit — just sit down and chitchat for a minute.”

Darlington said she hopes to live the rest of her days at Oakcreek.

“I hope this is the place I die,” she said. “From the beginning I’ve said that I want you to carry me out of here feet first.

“I’ll hire someone down the road for my personal care when things get bad, but until then I know my neighbors will be here for me.”

You can read the rest of the article online here.

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