Ravens’ Roost Testimonial

Ravens’ Roost CohousiRaven's outsideng in Anchorage received very exciting news last week. They were given a commitment for a nearly $9 Million construction loan from a local bank! The group worked long and hard, given support from Katie at CoHousing Solutions, with residents putting their money and time behind their belief in a walkable neighborhood where they can know all of their neighbors. These cohousers-to-be have much to celebrate.

“Thank you so much for all of the work you did on our behalf, with both Peterson Group [Ravens’ Roost development partner] and the banks. Katie, your experience, knowledge, and charm in persuading them [First National Bank Alaska] to take the leap of faith with us was absolutely critical in our accomplishing both of these partnerships. We are so grateful!”

logotransparentwideTerri Pauls
Future Ravens’ Roost Cohousing Resident
Anchorage, AK


Ravens’ Roost Members at their April 2015 groundbreaking celebration